How Our Solution Works…

  1. Starts with AgriTech01

This is our solar-powered IoT sensor. It helps farmers in early detection and reporting of crop pests and diseases as well as conduct instant soil health analysis to capture precise soil parameters, and soil inputs. It then scans crop leaves and stems to detect crop pests and diseases. Farmers receive alerts and reports on their phones in form of SMS, emails or via our mobile app.

  1. Issuance of AgriTech01 to farmers.

Farmers install the sensor on their farms as we guide them. The farmers then download our mobile application, registers to receive phone texts and creates an online platform. Once the easy registration process is complete, the farmer is ready to manage his/her farm remotely using their phone or computer.

  1. AgriTech01 detects crop diseases and pests

The sensor takes pictures and scans of plants’ leaves and stems. It sends this to our platform for analysis and interpretation and communicates any disease or pest detected. It also captures crop intensity in order to detect weeds growth and their types. Finally, our system reports to the farmers via their mobile phones or computers as an SMS or email.

  1. AgriTech01 collects soil parameters

It conducts soil health analysis both at root and ground levels to capture accurate soil parameters (Soil NPK, moisture, soil nutrient levels, temperature, pH, etc). These soil health parameters help to determine precise soil inputs like, the amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides to be applied. It gives better crops, uses fewer inputs, and increases profitability.

  1. Combine satellite data with AgriTech01

This is our magic. We have an AI-powered tool that combines data from these two sources to give over 97% accurate alerts, predictions and reports to farmers. Our satellite captures crop pests, crop diseases, crop weeds and soil health parameters just like our sensor. Our satellite data dates back to 2008 and this is again magical. This data is simplified for our smallholder farmers to easily understand and utilize. Join us today and let’s transform you farms and crop yields.

  1. Alerts and reports farmers get

  • Crop pest attacks with inputs to use.
  • Crop diseases with inputs to apply.
  • Weeds growth.
  • Weak/underperforming plants.
  • Weather forecasts.
  1. Farm predictions farmers get

  • 21 days weather forecast
  • Crop harvests
  • Fertilizers to apply
  • Amount of water to apply
  • Amounts of pesticides
  • Labor and machinery costs
  • Pests and diseases.