We are the best at what we do

 Awarded best in Africa in the African Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge
2022/2023 held in Egypt during COP27. It was jointly organised by Global
Center on Adaptation, the African Development Bank and Climate Investment
Funds (CIF).

Women Empowerment Award 2023 by Bayer Foundation. The award recognizes game-changing female entrepreneurs from the Global South with innovations driving positive change by bringing better health and nutrition to everyone. Our company was honored to emerge the victor in 2023 as we endeavor to provide solutions to fight poverty, end hunger, guarantee food security, health and nutrition.

VALUE4HER – Women Agripreneurs of the Year Awards (WAYA) 2023 by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

This is a continental award that recognises African women-led businesses that have excelled in the agricultural value chain, and have demonstrated remarkable innovation in their businesses by having an impact on food security, climate resilience, women and youth empowerment. Our company was feted with this prestigious award in Tanzania.

Top 40 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40 Years in Kenya 2023/2024.
This award recognises remarkable women who have shaped industries and careers in Kenya. They are fierce and talented. They have shattered glass ceilings with complete competence and absolute integrity. Our company’s CEO was awarded the award.

2023 AYuTe Africa Challenge by Heifer International. It acknowledges youth-led innovative companies providing solutions to challenges in African agriculture. Our company was awarded due to its solutions to correct climate change, soil degradation and traditional farming methods (agriculture 1.0).

Tech Transformer of the Year – MSME Awards 2023 by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. It recognizes outstanding MSMEs across various categories globally including
Africa, India, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Indonesia and we are truly
honored to be representing Kenya on the map. Special thanks to our clients the smallholder farmers for according us the opportunity to support their farm

Invest in Her by Les Margaret Awards 2023 in France to our CEO Maryanne
Gichanga. It recognizes and celebrates remarkable women entrepreneurs and
innovators who have made significant contributions to various industries,
particularly in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. This initiative
shines a spotlight on their achievements, providing them with visibility,
support, and mentorship opportunities. It aims to inspire and empower female
leaders to continue breaking barriers and driving positive change in their
respective fields, ultimately fostering gender diversity and equity in the
business and tech sectors.

Partnership with the University of Edinburgh in Scotland to enable our data-driven company to harness the power of AI to bring about transformative change in agriculture. This will be delivered by The University of Edinburgh's world-leading innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Bayes Centre, to save lives and the planet. Additionally, it is delivered in the partnership of Edinburgh's strategic design consultancy NileHQ and supported by Huawei UK.


Partnership with the Westerwelle Foundation based in Berlin, Germany 2023 for access to global networks, international exposure, entrepreneurial support,
enhancing our company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), learning
opportunities for our staff, innovation and collaboration, positive brand association, access to funding, market insights and networking opportunities

Partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) in the Agricultural
Innovation for Climate Resilience Programme (AICR) that signifies a
commitment to leveraging innovative agricultural technologies and analytics
to address climate-related challenges in the food sector. This collaboration
offers access to WFP's extensive network and resources, facilitating the
development and deployment of climate-resilient solutions. By joining AICR,
AgriTech Analytics Ltd is contributing to global food security efforts, advance
sustainable agriculture, and enhance its corporate social responsibility profile
while actively mitigating the impacts of climate change on agriculture.

MassChallenge Switzerland that offers access to a robust entrepreneurial
ecosystem, mentorship, and resources to foster growth and innovation. It enables networking with industry experts, potential investors, and partners,
opening doors to funding opportunities and strategic collaborations.
Additionally, tailored guidance and validation, that has propelled AgriTech
Analytics Ltd toward market success.

12. Partnerships with Savvy Fellowship and WIA by Deloitte

Our solution has been covered by CNN, BBC, Daily Nation, Business Daily, Le
Monde in France, www.ask.co.ke, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation
(TBC), EATV (East Africa Television), The Guardian, The Sunday Times,
South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). etc.