Using AI to end hunger in Africa

We use AI to end hunger and poverty. We target smallholder farmers in rural Africa and help them boost crop yields and guarantee food security. We use various types of data starting with satellite imagery data combined with data from our IoT solar-powered crop and soil sensor to issue over 97% accurate alerts/reports to farmers via mobile phones.

Our CEO, Maryanne Gichanga receiving the Presidential Innovation Award from the president of Kenya, His Excellency DR. William Samoei Ruto, C.G.H in Statehouse Nairobi. This was due to our company’s pioneering role in halting and reversing soil degradation, crop pests and diseases to quadruple crop yields from smallholder farmers.

Why AgriTech Analytics?

Worried about the state of crops when you’re not looking?

Based on satellite images and images from our IoT sensors, AgriTech Analytics Limited, helps farmers to manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and take reliable decisions. Big data covers big issues.

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What We Do

Crop Pests Management

Farmers can easily detect crop pests early enough before they damage their crops and affect their harvests. Get advice on when, types and amounts of pesticides to apply.

Crop Diseases Management

Imagine getting an alert early enough on your phone or computer, on diseases attacking your crops? get advice on the types and amounts of pesticides to use.

Soil Health Management

Farmers get all soil parameters; soil pH, moisture, NPK, temperature and advice on precise amounts of fertilizers, water and pesticides to use.

Our Products

Crop disease and pest detection device

  • 1-5hactares
  • Price: $12.00

Crop disease and pest detection device

  • 6-10hactares
  • Price: $17.00

Lease-crop disease and pest detection device

  • Hactares= no limit
  • Price: $0.5 per month

Sign up to crop monitoring platform

  • Hactares= no limit
  • $0.5 per month

How Our Solution Works

1. Starts With AgriTech01

This is our solar-powered IoT sensor. It helps farmers in early detection and reporting of crop pests and diseases as well as conduct instant soil health analysis to capture precise soil parameters, and soil inputs. It then scans crop leaves and stems to detect crop pests and diseases. Farmers receive alerts and reports on their phones in form of SMS, emails or via our mobile app.

2. Issuance Of AgriTech01 To Farmers

Farmers install the sensor on their farms as we guide them. The farmers then download our mobile application, registers to receive phone texts and creates an online platform. Once the easy registration process is complete, the farmer is ready to manage his/her farm remotely using their phone or computer.

Detectacle Crop Diseases

Dectectable Crop Pests

Farmers Onboard

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Thank you AgriTech Analytics because I had given up on farming. My crop production had halved and I quit farming. Today, my harvests have multiplied by over 50% after using your sensors and system and I am grateful.

John Kiragu

Farmer, Kinangop

Last season your system pointed out that our soil lacked Nitrogen, Zinc and Phosphorus. We had to change the fertilizers we were using before and use the one rich in these minerals and more as your system advised. our rice harvests doubled and I was able to pay school fees for my daughter

Carol Njagi

Rice farmer, Mwea

Bacterial wilt and late blight have had a devastating destruction of my potatoes all the time. With AgriTech Analytics, we were able to know the attacks of these diseases early before they even attacked, you advised on the chemicals to use. We are happy.

Leila mohammed

Jinja Uganda